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New York Area Bisexual Network: Musical Notes

Musical Notes features the works of a wide variety of New York area contemporary bisexual musicians.

Rachael Sage Blistering SunEast Village songstress, poet, 'out & proud' bisexual woman and multi-media maven Rachael Sage has been making gutsy pop music in one form or another since she was three years old. Her latest offering of "lovely and literate folk-pop-rock" (The Village Voice), THE BLISTERING SUN, is devoted to the topics of vision, clarity and facing life head on.

Ben Silver, Musician and bisexual activistBen Silver's music slides through folk, R&B, funk, jazz, and back again.   Ben sings passionately about freedom, our environment, LGBT issues, parenting, and even an occasional romantic love song.   A fixture in the bisexual community Ben's music has carried his concern for human rights for all peoples to the larger community.   Currently Ben can be seen in performance with LEGACY in New York City.

Robin Renee: All Six SensesIf the bisexual activist, spoken word artist, singer and songwriter Robin Renee were to start a religion all her own, it might well hold Groupie Consciousness as its central tenet.   She chases after the God/dess within with a reverence and fervour not unlike her passion for the music that moves her most.   Renee's latest offering, All Six Senses, is the real-life chronicle of one caught in the act of cosmic transformation.   Themes of love, seeking, and celebration emerge through a medium of edgy rock, accomplished singer/songwriter lyricism, pop hooks, and the sonic impact of chant.

The Velvetland Band: are you anti-bellum?From the depths of cabin fever, creativity, and a love for music comes The Velvetland Band. The creation of bisexual artist, writer and musician Michele Kaplan, the music is an eclectic mix of jazz, funk, punk, rock n' roll, hip hop, swing, and even a little country. Her latest album is entitled 'are you anti-bellum?'.

Rorie KellyRorie Kelly is a sensitive singer/songwriter from various towns on Long Island.    Her lyrics are extremely personal, her singing is extremely emotional and she breaks strings onstage approximately every five seconds.    She currently performs throughout the region, and is in the process of recording a full-length record.

Louisa McBee Light: Trip Hop, Electronica, Future and Fantasy Music!Louisa McBee Light NY's Electronica Seirenes Light grew up in Manhattan and has been surrounded by music and art all her life. Black, White and Native American, she comes from a diverse musical and artistic culture. Light is a singer, beat builder, artist who does shows all around NY. Future Music and Visual Integration/ Fantasy Music "Bringing the visual out through audible sounds arouse sensation by the stimulation of visual receptors." Experience a truly unique and innovative new artist!

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