The side story on the Bi, Poly Switch Button.

JPG of the button I brought I have been going to a Convention called Lunacon since 1984.
In 2001 after Brenda moved in with me I went to lunacon alone since Brenda did not want to go.
At this Science Fiction con (like most cons) there is a place called "the dealers room" where Science Fiction (books, dvd, VHS, etc) items can be brought.
At this con (and many in the northeast there is a wonderful lady whos name is "Nancy" Nancy sells calligraphic buttons (pre/custom make - all her buttons are hand made by her).
Well she had this button that said "Bi, Poly, Switch I'm not indecisive, I'm GREEDY!". As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get Brenda one.
When I got home I gave it to her and she liked it but would want to have the text changed so it ended with "...I know what I want".
She said to me that she was not "GREEDY", she "knows what she wants". So I asked her how she would like it worded and the following year I ordered it for her

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